Ending the Year with a Bang

The year 2014 has been good to us.

We’ve taken on some exciting jobs and have gained some incredible clients. For the last remaining months of the year we decided to enter a design competition for Metropolis Magazine which resulted in a few pizza dinners and long nights at the office. The premise of the contest was to design what the future workplace may look like in the the next 10 to 15 years. With the influx of portable technology, conventional offices may soon be a thing of the past; considering we can just about work anywhere.

Our vision was to create a fully modifiable plug-in office that would adapt with the changing workforce in the many years to come. The name of our project is Transformer, which is quite fitting as you can see from the images below.

To our delight our efforts paid off and we were announced as finalist on the Magazine’s blog!

Stay tuned for future updates.
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Concept model created to guide design process.

Exterior Rendering of Transformer.

Interior Rendering of the building space.