ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 2014

It appears The ARule Team wasn’t spared from the viral movement known as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge which has taken the internet by storm. However with good reason we happily obliged. After all, it is for a fantastic cause. Although the amount of videos and participants has hit exceedingly large numbers it’s all that one can hope for in … Read More

Welcome Back

Here at Architects Rule, team loyalty is golden. After taking a hiatus in the field of architecture to complete her graduate degree down south at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Cathanina is back in NYC. Not only are we elated to have our former ambitious talent once again part of the ARule team, we are also excited to … Read More

Just Couldn’t Wait

It takes a great deal of love to foster a design all the way up to its final phase. With a combination of anxiety, sleep deprivation, obstacles and a great deal of waiting it’s no surprise that many ideas don’t pan out in the end. Once you’ve gotten past the bulk of the hurdle you still have that daunting wait … Read More

Here’s To The Summer of 2014

It’s hard to believe that we’re more half-way through the year. Time truly does fly when you’re having a blast; we have a series of exciting office events to blame for that. For starters earlier this year we received our new 3D Printer and after straightening out a few kinks we are up and printing. As a full service firm, … Read More

ICFF and Opening Night at A&D Building

We really enjoyed the ICFF at Jacobs K. Javits Convention Center and the Opening Night at Architects and Designers Building. Our favorite exhibit was by Gaggeanau. Great design concept, good food and also good music. We love the hard hats and jumpsuits. We look forward to next year’s event.